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Week from 1-5-2000 to 7-5-2000  

5/5/2000: ILOVEYOU: the love is infected by a virus!

    This Thursday, the 4th of May there has spread on big part of Internet a new virus named "ILOVEYOU". His name alludes to the "matter" that appears in the e-mail infected (e-mail), since it propagates for these mass communication media.
    This worm, heir of sadly famous person "Melissa" has already largely been of Asia and the USA, and has just jumped to Europe entering the United Kingdom. One is known that it destroys or corrupts certain files and infects diverse programs, simultaneously that sends to himself itself to the mail addresses who finds in the infected PC, to keep on extending...
    For the time being it has affected numerous companies, so much for direct infections as for turning out to be forced to extinguish his servants "just in case", and the FBI has begun the hunting of the author. He knows already, look well what mail messages one lowers of the network...

More information in:,4586,2561671,00.html


5/2/2000: New increases of the price of the memory?

    It is already not "only one rumor: some analysts specializing in computer science warn of possible increases of the price of the memory RAM for the second half of this year and beginning of 2001. The increases would happen principally in the memory SDRAM, most used at present in his slopes PC100 and PC133, and also they might affect to the memory DDR-SDRAM, which prevee like substitute of the SDRAM.
    The motive seems clear: an enormous demand unable to be satisfied by the manufacturers, who in addition to making big quantities of memory SDRAM are implanting the technology of manufacture necessary for new DDR-SDRAM and Rambus.
    Nevertheless, the memory Direct Rambus or RDRAM would lower his price, something foreseeable since at present it costs even five times more than the SDRAM. Not prevee that the prices increase goes so far as to favor to the Rambus the sufficient thing as to give him a significant part of the market or at least to clean the DDR out, although being topics of the future computer programmer, nobody knows what will happen... not even tomorrow.

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