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Released news from January until June, 2000  

This page serves as index and file of the news published in CsH during the year 2000, arranged per weeks as his date of publication. Pulsate in the linkage to gain access to the corresponding news.


Week from 26-6-2000 to 2-7-2000
6/30/2000: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX: potency GeForce for all the publics
6/29/2000: New Willamette de Intel will call... Pentium 4
6/28/2000: ROUTE does not give up before Rambus: entire support to the DDR-SDRAM
6/28/2000: Microsoft announces the new language C#
6/27/2000: Is Intel against its own Celeron?



Week from 19-6-2000 to 25-6-2000
6/25/2000: Hitachi pays to Rambus for the technology DDR and SDRAM
6/24/2000: More problems for 3dfx
6/19/2000: New AMD Duron: applauses and congratulations



Week from 12-6-2000 to 18-6-2000
6/17/2000: An agreement on rights between Toshiba and Rambus will be able to affect to the whole industry
6/15/2000: Microsoft throws Windows CE 3.0
6/14/2000: HP and Intel throw the IA-64 Developer Kit for Linux
6/12/2000: IBM presents his new portable ones



Week of 5-6-2000 11-6-2000
6/10/2000: Renewed Cyrix III presents before himself
6/5/2000: AMD throws Athlon Thunderbird and the Duron



Week from 29-5-2000 to 4-6-2000
6/3/2000: New chipset ROUTE with integrated graphic controler
6/2/2000: This time seems that it goes seriously: to the sale the Voodoo 5
5/31/2000: Finally, an electronic device will use the Crusoe
5/29/2000: Intel confirms it: one waits for a serious components scarcity



Week of 22-5-2000 to 28-5-2000
5/27/2000: Incredible: again the Voodoo 5 is late !
5/24/2000: To the sale the Voodoo 5
5/24/2000: IBM Alpha will make the new processors
5/24/2000: The Intel new thing: an awaited Xeon, Pentium III to 933 MHz and badges prototypes i815
5/22/2000: Intel will change the badges CC820 defective... in one month



Week of 8-5-2000 14-5-2000
5/12/2000: Intel withdraws almost 1 million basic badges with chipset 820



Week from 1-5-2000 to 7-5-2000
5/5/2000: ILOVEYOU: the love is infected by a virus!
5/2/2000: New increases of the price of the memory?



Week of 24-4-2000 to 30-4-2000
4/29/2000: Intel will not use the serial number in his new mikes
4/28/2000: There appears the GeForce 2 GTS... and AMD supports it
4/28/2000: The AMD Spitfire will be called Duron
4/25/2000: Presented the ATI Radeon 256
4/25/2000: The first information on the GeForce2 (NV15)



Week from 17-4-2000 to 23-4-2000
4/23/2000: To point the new graphic ATI chip
4/23/2000: Intel delays the appearance of the new Celeron 633 and 667
4/21/2000: From Voodoo 3 to Voodoo 5... without passing for 4 (for the time being)
4/20/2000: Toshiba presents the first portable one refreshed by water
4/19/2000: AMD presents (finally!) the K6-2 + and K6-III +



Week of 10-4-2000 16-4-2000
4/12/2000: More information on Intel Itanium



Week from 3-4-2000 to 9-4-2000
4/4/2000: Definitely, Microsoft is: CULPRIT!!



Week from 27-3-2000 to 2-4-2000
4/1/2000: The first chipset ROUTE with dual support for Pentium III
3/29/2000: The Celeron are updated: 0,18 microns and up to 600 MHz



Week of 20-3-2000 to 26-3-2000
3/24/2000: New portable Apple PowerBook
3/22/2000: Linux + IBM = Supercomputer
3/21/2000: IBM investigates to create the hard disks of the future
3/20/2000: Intel throws "forgotten" Pentium III to 850 and 866 MHz



Week of 6-3-2000 12-3-2000
3/8/2000: Intel also reaches 1 GHz... but "in limited quantities"
3/7/2000: Athlon to 1 GHz: the whole History
3/6/2000: He conquered AMD: the first mike to 1 GHz is a K7 Athlon
3/6/2000: Chipset S1-370 TL: ATI signs up to T&L



Week of 21-2-2000 to 27-2-2000
2/27/2000: ROUTE presents the microprocessor Cyrix III (Joshua)



Week from 14-2-2000 to 20-2-2000
2/17/2000: Microsoft throws Windows 2000, the successor of NT 4.0
2/16/2000: Willamette (Pentium IV?), Timna, RDRAM, DDR... welcome to IDF
2/16/2000: Toshiba reduces the size of the RDRAM to reduce his cost
2/14/2000: New super-Celeron for portable



Week of 7-2-2000 13-2-2000
2/11/2000: AMD approaches the GHz: presented the Athlon to 850 MHz
2/11/2000: Linux in the center of the news
2/9/2000: The Athlon with copper are already to point...: and to 1,1 GHz!



Week from 31-1-2000 to 6-2-2000
2/2/2000: Scarcity of mikes and change to FC-PGA: Intel confirms everything
2/1/2000: AMD will stop making K6-III



Week of 24-1-2000 to 30-1-2000
1/27/2000: Compaq iPAQ: a PC for less than $ 500?
1/26/2000: The Slot 1 has died, live through the FC-PGA



Week from 17-1-2000 to 23-1-2000
1/23/2000: Intel presents new Pentium III for portable
1/20/2000: A revolution in march: the microprocessor Crusoe
1/20/2000: Intel increases the pressure on ROUTE



Week of 10-1-2000 16-1-2000
1/11/2000: ROUTE throws the super one - chipset KX133 for Athlon
1/10/2000: AMD Athlon to 800 MHz


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