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Released news from July until December, 2000  

This page serves as index and file of the news published in CsH during the year 2000, arranged per weeks as his date of publication. Pulsate in the linkage to gain access to the corresponding news.


Week from 25-12-2000 to 31-12-2000
12/30/2000: ALi promotes the memory DDR
12/29/2000: The computer companies worried by the descent of the sales
12/27/2000: In January, a new Pentium 4...: slower?!
12/26/2000: Already to the sale graphic cards with the chip KYRO



Week from 18-12-2000 to 24-12-2000
12/24/2000: NVIDIA attacks in the professional segment
12/23/2000: NVIDIA beats again, but not to 3dfx (that in peace rests)...
12/22/2000: Intel updates the specifications of the standard USB 2.0
12/21/2000: Presented the Beta of Network Hat Linux 64 bits for Itanium
12/20/2000: The first impressions on new "NVIDIA Ultra"
12/19/2000: Published the draft of the Serial specification TIES 1.0
12/18/2000: Another motherboard DDR for Socket A



Week from 11-12-2000 to 17-12-2000
12/16/2000: NVIDIA acquires 3dfx!!
12/15/2000: Was there a change of design in the new Pentium 4? Did a version 0.9 exist?
12/14/2000: SiS presents his innovations: graphs and DDR
12/13/2000: Intel and AMD lower the prices of his microprocessors
12/12/2000: Rambus attacks now...: to NVIDIA!
12/11/2000: Will IBM reach 0:13 microns before anybody?



Week from 4-12-2000 to 10-12-2000
12/10/2000: ROUTE becomes strong on the chipsets market for SDRAM
12/9/2000: IBM and Infineon will develop a new type of memory, the MRAM
12/8/2000: AMD continues for the good way with his Athlon Palomino
12/7/2000: To the sale the first badges DDR for Athlon and Duron
12/6/2000: NVIDIA aims at another point more: the GeForce optimized for the Pentium 4
12/5/2000: Rambus threatens with more judgments and contract even more pleaded



Week from 27-11-2000 to 3-12-2000
12/2/2000: New processors ROUTE Cyrix III
12/1/2000: More problems for 3dfx: the Voodoo3 and 5 cannot be used by the new Pentium 4
11/30/2000: Philips and LG join to make monitors and flat screens
11/28/2000: S3 it moves back (temporarily?) of the battle for the reign 3D



Week from 20-11-2000 to 26-11-2000
11/26/2000: Micron presents his new memoirs
11/25/2000: The first impressions on the future chip NV20 of NVIDIA
11/24/2000: RAMPAGE + SAGE, new bet of future of 3dfx
11/23/2000: Intel shows how the AGP will be 8X
11/22/2000:... And again ATI, presenting the RADEON SEES
11/22/2000: ATI presents in society the new chipset S1-370 TL
11/20/2000: New Pentium 4: some lights and not few shades
11/20/2000: NVIDIA enters on the chipsets market



Week from 13-11-2000 to 19-11-2000
11/19/2000: Seagate pulverizes all the records: hard disk of: 180 GB!!
11/18/2000: Also Apple supports to the platform DDR-SDRAM
11/16/2000: Netscape throws the version 6 of his popular navigator
11/16/2000: On Monday, the 20th Intel will throw the Pentium 4 (probably...)
11/15/2000: NVIDIA attacks again: piece of news GeForce2 Go, the first GPU for portable
11/14/2000: Intel prepares his future while it supports the Celeron in the past
11/13/2000: Lacking in production capacity in the AMD factories



Week from 6-11-2000 to 12-11-2000
11/12/2000: Microsoft presents DirectX 8
11/11/2000: IBM throws the monitor of major resolution of the world
11/8/2000: Fujitsu throws to the market external hard disks of only 200 grams
11/7/2000: Transmeta triumphs in the bag despite his problems
11/7/2000: The production of mikes 0,13 microns Intel will begin about 2001
11/6/2000: NVIDIA and ATI endorse the new platform DDR of AMD



Week from 30-10-2000 to 5-11-2000
11/4/2000: Computers Apple Macintosh with hardware PC?? AND PC with Mac OS??
11/1/2000: Seagate throws a new hard disk SCSI Barracuda
10/31/2000: ASUS already has his badge DDR ready for Athlon
10/30/2000: AMD continues in head: memory DDR and mikes with bus to 266 MHz



Week from 23-10-2000 to 29-10-2000
10/29/2000: Another record on hard disks: SCSI of 73,9 GB in only 1 inch
10/26/2000: Thrown portable Crusoe de Hitachi... in Japan
10/23/2000: Intel presents the integrated chipset 815EM for portable



Week from 16-10-2000 to 22-10-2000
10/22/2000: "To bet for Rambus was an error"...: and the Intel president says it!!
10/21/2000: Graphic card 3D Blaster GeForce2 Ultra
10/19/2000: Portable other with the mike Crusoe, this time of NEC
10/17/2000: AMD in the highest thing: Athlon of 1,2 GHz and 800 MHz Duron 



Week from 9-10-2000 to 15-10-2000
10/15/2000: The chipset Mamba of Micron revolutionizes the MPF 2000
10/15/2000: Sun publishes that the code source of low StarOffice licenses GNU
10/13/2000: More alliances: Hitachi and LG will develop devices of optical storage
10/11/2000: AMD shows (but it does not throw) the DUAL Athlon



Week of 2-10-2000 to 8-10-2000
10/8/2000: Definitive information on portable Crusoe de Sony
10/7/2000: AMD presents his simulator software of the Athlon of 64 bits
10/5/2000: Maxtor + Quantum = the first manufacturer of hard disks of the world
10/3/2000: It is said (it is rumored) that the new mikes will throw in...



Week of 25-9-2000 to 1-10-2000
9/29/2000: The farewell of the AMD K6
9/28/2000: ANOTHER TWO chipsets of ROUTE, both with integrated video
9/26/2000: Piece of news arcade Sega NAOMI2
9/25/2000: Innovations in portable: new mikes Intel and the Crusoe in ultralight Fujitsu
9/25/2000: Benefits of Intel below the awaited thing



Week from 18-9-2000 to 24-9-2000
9/24/2000: New Mobile Cyrix III he announces ROUTE 
9/24/2000: AOpen presents the "black beauty"
9/22/2000: ROUTE presents his chipsets for 266 MHz DDR-SDRAM 
9/22/2000: The first graphic cards with the chip KYRO
9/21/2000: Is the PC of 199 $ possible ? ROUTE believes that yes



Week from 11-9-2000 to 17-9-2000
9/14/2000: Apple moves: Mac OS X Beta, new portable, ATI Radeon...
9/13/2000: The market of 64 bits, more and more hard-fought
9/11/2000: Will he pay money Intel to the one who uses the Pentium 4???



Week from 4-9-2000 to 10-9-2000
9/8/2000: Also Hitachi and IBM will make portable with the Crusoe
9/7/2000: Basic badges with memory DDR at the end of October
9/6/2000: The AMD Duron reaches 750 MHz
9/5/2000: Intel, NVIDIA and ATI are employed at the AGP 8x



Week from 28-8-2000 to 3-9-2000
8/31/2000: Micron (and Hyundai) counter-attacks Rambus in the courts
8/29/2000: Intel at the edge of the ridiculous one? Do they withdraw the Pentium III of 1,13 GHz?



Week of 21-8-2000 to 27-8-2000
8/27/2000: Toshiba will not use the Crusoe, because "it is not for so much"
8/25/2000: ROUTE tries to sell the Cyrix III for PCs of less than 500 $
8/24/2000: Nintendo GameCube will be the most powerful console... in one year
8/24/2000: Everybody wants memory DDR (enclosed Intel!)
8/22/2000: Revealed the final details on the Pentium 4



Week from 14-8-2000 to 20-8-2000
8/19/2000: The portable ones of Sony will use the Crusoe
8/16/2000: AMD reaches 1,1 GHz and prepares the jump to 64 bits
8/14/2000: NVIDIA in the top: all kinds of chips graphs GPU of high scale



Week of 7-8-2000 13-8-2000
8/10/2000: SiS and ALi react: new chipsets for mikes AMD
8/7/2000: A glance to the future of the chipsets ROUTE



Week from 31-7-2000 to 6-8-2000
8/2/2000: Intel reaches 1,13 GHz... again "in limited quantities"
7/31/2000: Rambus makes sure that his memoirs already overcome the GHz



Week of 24-7-2000 to 30-7-2000
7/28/2000: Napster is saved in the last second... for the time being
7/28/2000: Bad nonCosta Rican for Rambus: the Pentium 4 will use SDRAM



Week from 17-7-2000 to 23-7-2000
7/23/2000: 64 bits will be late in coming: Intel Itanium is late
7/21/2000: The RADEON of ATI is started
7/20/2000: Apple did it again: surprising new products with the last technologies
7/18/2000: Maxtor reaches the 80 GB on a hard disk IDE



Week of 10-7-2000 16-7-2000
7/15/2000: IBM presents his discs ATA/100
7/15/2000: The first badges of ABIT and ASUS for Socket A
7/13/2000: A new Linux from Japan
7/12/2000: The memory manufacturers counter-attack Rambus



Week from 3-7-2000 to 9-7-2000
7/7/2000: ROUTE will have to indemnify Intel
7/5/2000: The first videocards GeForce2 MX
7/3/2000: AMD presents his technology PowerNow! for portable


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