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Week from 19-6-2000 to 25-6-2000  

6/25/2000: Hitachi pays to Rambus for the technology DDR and SDRAM

    Since it was already doing Toshiba, Hitachi has signed an agreement with Rambus finishing this way the litigation that both companies were supporting on the royaltis to be paid for the memoirs SDRAM and DDR. (And of rebound to solve all the differences between both companies, which were enough).
    If this was small, and with somewhat "dark" ends, Rambus announces that it will increase the royaltis to be paid for both types of memoirs, and they will be higher than those who will have to be paid for their own memory, the RDRAM (good, there are a few ends clearer than dark).
    As the only hope for all those that we do not want to pay any more for the memory, Micron announces in a press conference that he will not pay royaltis to Rambus for "his" technology. Also Toshiba announces that it is not thought to give good results opposite to Rambus (? has not it already done it?).

More information in:
An agreement on rights between Toshiba and Rambus will be able to affect to the whole industry


6/24/2000: More problems for 3dfx

    The maximum responsible for the Californian company has confirmed in press conference that the benefits of the second trimester of the year will be much minor of awaited, owed principally to the production scarcity. These problems of production, nevertheless, are being attributed to a subcontracted company that, according to 3dfx, had to provide certain components but it has not done it.
    Due to this components scarcity, 3dfx he hopes that his benefits should turn out to be cut away with regard to the forecasts; nevertheless, although it seems that they will continue the losses in this second trimester, it is of the opinion that in the third one they will obtain benefits again.

More information in:


6/19/2000: New AMD Duron: applauses and congratulations

    In fact there are no too many innovations with regard to our previous news "
AMD throws Athlon Thunderbird and the Duron", only to state that the forecasts have been even overcome: according to some of the best web sites of Internet, like AnandTech and Tom's Hardware, the AMD Duron is the whole champion in relation price / yield.
    With his generous 128 KB of cache memory L1 and his theoretically scarce 64 KB of cache memory L2 (of course, integrated and to the same speed as the rest of the mike), supported by a 200 MHz bus , the Duron gives a sovereign drubbing to his theoretical opponent, Celeron de Intel (that, without any logical motive, keeps on using an only 66 MHz bus ). In fact: in many tests there finds the same height as Pentium III and the AMD classic Athlon (not Thunderbird)... and even superficially!!
    All this in a chip that costs between 112 $ and 192 $... the words remain.

More information in:
AMD throws Athlon Thunderbird and the Duron


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