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Week from 15-10-2001 to 21-10-2001  

10/19/2001: The first presentation of Windows XP in Spain

    CsH has helped today to, which we know, there has been the first public official presentation realized by Microsoft in Spain of his new one (and waited) an operating system Windows XP. The act has been celebrated in the Polytechnical University of Valencia. The new operating system will not be presented officially again up to the next week, when one hopes that it should go on sale.
    The new technologies that the operating system of Microsoft contributes are focused first of all in improving the experience of the user, emphasizing the multimedia and the connection, both with Internet and between different devices (PDAs, breeding animals of MP3, mobile phones...). Important characteristics got in this version are: Clear Type, which smooths the presentation of the sources on screen, in the style of the antialiasing of the games 3D; finished integration of the multimedia breeding animal Windows Comes up with the rest of the operating system; and, especially, a new form of execution of the programs, for which there will not be conflicts between different DLL versions and will be able to "simulate" the behavior of the previous Windows to achieve the compatibility with some programs. Also there has integrated completely the Windows Messenger, substitute of the binomial MSN Messenger and MS Netmeeting.
    The system of help and support has improved significantly, allowing even the remote configuration of the team, by means of which, a technician will be able to take the control of our team to form it and to solve the present problems. The possibility of gaining access to remote offices will allow to gain access and be employed at a computer that is to hundreds of kilometers, as if it was just ahead ours. Nevertheless, to the average user wr what more will attract attention of him will be the piece of news user's interface, cradle in "skins" or topics, allowing an enormous personalización of our office. A little for that one is grateful is the support improved to have diverse users in the same computer, each one with his profiles, configurations and programs. Also, and unlike the previous versions, it is possible to leave the meeting with programs in execution, with what it is not necessary to close all of them so that another user could use the team.
    Technologically speaking, XP bases on the nucleus NT/2000, inheriting his safety qualities and stability, but with a more tolerant architecture with the controlers. XP Home Edition is destined to replace the family 95/98/me, while XP Professional replaces 2000 Workstation. The versions servant, substitutes of Windows 2000 Server, are waited for 6 months, counting like principal innovation a version for processors Intel Itanium of 64 bits.
    Finally, an improved Windows, which, of course, does not stop creating polemic due to his controversial method of activation (it MUST register for Internet or phone, on having settled, "one" "anchors" for the configuration hardware of THIS PC...), and to the enormous quantity of resources necessary for an ideal functioning (especially, memory RAM). Of course, at least it did not make any portable one hanging on having connected video camera video cameras by means of USB, on neither having connected the iPaq, on having mounted a wireless network for infrared. Everything worked to the perfection, not as in other occasions...

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

10/17/2001: ROUTE gets in the manufacture of basic badges

    The well-known Taiwanese chipsets manufacturer has decided to create a new division, the ROUTE Platform Solutions Division (VPSD), which will take charge of the development of basic badges for office PCs and servants, in addition to other products as devices of access to Internet (appliances Internet, boxes Set-Top-Box for TV, etc.).
    In principle, the new activity will continue the habitual model "without factories" of ROUTE: instead of constructing proper factories, it will come to agreements with other manufacturers, especially of the area of continental China and Taiwan. At present ROUTE does this itself with his chipsets and microprocessors, the practical totality of which they take place in the factories of the Taiwanese giant TSMC.
    This way ROUTE not only diversifies his production and makes use of his commercial mark more and more appreciated by the users, but also it guarantees the use of his chipsets, especially the ROUTE P4X266 (DDR-SDRAM support for Pentium 4). This chipset is very effective, but it is little used by the manufacturers for fear of the anger of Intel, who makes sure that it is a question of an "illegal" chipset, since he does not recognize the licenses that ROUTE says to possess to make it; one disputes more to resolve in the courts.
    It looks like a good move on the part of ROUTE: they manage a new fixed client and advance on new markets, almost without realizing expenses. Not always it is necessary to have so many factories like the giant Intel him to compete...

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News written for: Juan Herrerías


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