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Week of 7-2-2000 13-2-2000  

2/11/2000: AMD approaches the GHz: presented the Athlon to 850 MHz

Today there has arisen a new Athlon of the more and more intensive factory of AMD in Austin, Texas. The mike made with 0,18 microns technology, does not differ in anything of the last throwings from AMD... excepting the small detail of which it works to 850 MHz.
Although perhaps it is better that we are getting accustomed to saying "0,85 GHz", bearing in mind the current production rhythm: the 700 MHz model was presented on October 4; 750 MHz that on November 29; 800 MHz that on January 6... To this rhythm, AMD will reach the GHz at the beginning of May; almost it scares to think about what will happen when the new factory of Dresden works to maximum yield this summer.

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2/11/2000: Linux in the center of the news

They still listen to resound the echoes of the big exhibition celebrated LinuxWorld last week in New York, where 185 exhibitors put together his ideas on that there might become the operating system of the future (with permission of Mr. Bill Gates and his Windows, skylight).
Between many topics on that they commented, he emphasizes the appearance of the code of the Project Trillian, from which the Linux will have to arise for IA-64, the architecture of 64 bits of future Itanium (earlier known like Favor), the first mike of 64 bits of Intel.
Also, Linus Torvald (the brilliant creator of the original Linux) mentioned that the kernel 2.4 would be ready at the beginning of this summer, one spoke about the absence of authorized manufacturers of reproductive software of DVD (what it has taken to several judgments for trying to "burst" the safety code of the DVDs), there were announcements of mergers, new products... It seems that the future makes him good facing the penguin.
(It notices: the penguin is the Linux "pet")

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2/9/2000: The Athlon with copper are already to point...: and to 1,1 GHz!

Confirming the excellent march of the production of microprocessors Athlon, AMD has presented the next generation of this mike: an Athlon made with the new technology HiP6L 0,18 microns and interconnections of copper, with the cache memory L2 integrated. These innovations will allow to AMD to make more rapid, cheaper Athlon and with a minor consumption.
The mike made of the new factory of Dresden (Germany), worked to 1,1 GHz (1.100 MHz) without need for any system of special refrigeration, therefore it is possible to consider a practically finished prototype. The production in mass of the new Athlon should begin at the end of the second trimester.
This news, together with the numerous rumors of the prompt arrival to the market of the 850 MHz Athlon, they confirm that AMD is not having any problem in the manufacture of these mikes, the other way round that Intel (despite his - theoretically - much major production capacity).

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