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ABIT KT7-RAID: the best of his class


Conclusions and evaluation

The most interesting of the last basic badges ABIT is that they seem destined for all kinds of public; the basic designs at level of circuits and distribution of components are excellent, and with small changes different badges are obtained for all the tastes. This work mechanics resembles a little the saga of the ASUS P2B and his 101 variants; will it be that ABIT applies "it meets your enemy and you will win"?

The KT7 herself would be a good candidate to "better motherboard Socket A", thanks to his good design (1 AGP, 6 PCI and 1 ISA, position of connectors, 4 connectors for fan), his quality details (fan in the chipset, improved electrical system, cable for USB) and his good stability...

... But if that was quite, undoubtedly the KT7 might not award the title without certain discussion. Nevertheless, in case of the KT7-RAID, there is no any doubt: it is the best of his category... that is a very restricted category, because not only it is an excellent badge Socket A, also it has a checker ATA/100 who allows him to handle another 4 devices and up to doing RAID with discs IDE, quite integrated into the motherboard. AMD Duron (processor type Socket A)

Neither we can deceive ourselves: the whole world is not interested in the topic of the RAID, and of course he has no sense in the domestic environment. But a good RAID 1 can save of more than one fright in the work, and a RAID 0 + 1 at accessible price is almost a sleep. RAID 0... anyway, only we recommend it for fanatics of the speed who do frequent safety copies.

So it already has two possible basic badges to be added to his shopping list; as the rest of badges Socket A, probably do not be very cheap, but if it brings together them with a Duron it will obtain a fantastic yield at a very reasonable price... and with the possibility of doing overclocking of easy form and with enough possibilities of success.


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