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To install a disk drive


To install a disk drive is not a very habitual task, since absolutely all the computers have at least one of these devices. Nevertheless, if you have a computer that turns out to be sufficient to him for what he needs but his disk drive is ancient, for example of 5,25 ", or if the one that it possesses gets damaged, it is the moment to install a new disk drive.

If it detects that his current disk drive destroys the discs that it introduces to him, giving errors that earlier it was not giving despite using mark diskettes, and he does not manage the problem cleaning the reading compresses with a disc cleaner, consider to lead her to repairing. A new disk drive of 3,5 " and 1,44 MB costs less than 4.000 pts less than they would charge from him for the labor, and settles very easily.


The steps that it must continue are only five:

Kit to transform bays of 5,25 " into bays of 3,5"

1. - To Open the computer and to look for a bay free to install it.
The paragraph reads earlier
Essentials of the update of computers, do not be that it breaks anything that costs much more than the disk drive; always remember to avoid the static electricity, it is very dangerous for the computer. If hollows of free 3,5 " do not exist, he will need an adapter to be able to use a bay of 5,25 " that will cost him from 500 to 1.000 pts.

2. - To Install it physically in a bay, her anchoring with the corresponding screws, which will come with the disk drive or with the kit; do not forget to ask for them (if they do not want to give him this 4 tornillitos go to another less vulgar shop, please). In case of ancient computers or mark sometimes special adapters will need because of size or subjection (rails or dividers), which can be difficult to find.

3. - To Connect the cables, the electrical one and that of information. For disk drives of 3,5 " the electrical one is usually one a little more child of the habitual thing, although not always; into both cases they admit the only correct position, unless it should force it, therefore possible mistake does not exist. If you do not have free connectors, buy a cable in "And" with two exits.

The cable of information of the disk drives is unmistakable, it is characterized for having 5 connectors: in an end one to get connected to the checker I/O, or to the motherboard if it is integrated to the same one, and then a pair of connectors for every disk drive: one of them for flat connectors and more compact other for connectors of pines that is more used at present, although in fact they serve for the same.

Two connectors of the end opposite to the checker correspond to the first disk drive (her "To" in TWO), while the two of the center correspond to the second one (the "B"). Pay attention to the red band of the cable that indicates the end of the pin number 1 of the connector and align it with the correspondent pin in the disk drive, which position will be serigrafiada in the same one.

4. - Now we will have to discharge it in the BIOS of the computer. This is in general slightly very simple; one enters the BIOS (for example, touching "Supr" on having started, although this depends on his computer in particular), it goes away to the corresponding paragraph (for example Standard Cmos Setup) and is elected the correct model in the corresponding pigeonhole.

Pantallazo of the BIOS showing the screen where the disk drives are formed

For more information about this process (for example on how entering the BIOS or moving inside the same one), I recommend to read the paragraph on BIOS.

5. - Now only it stays to prove the disk drive. Start the computer and observe if the disk drive receives current (if the reading light ignites or not). If it does not ever ignite or the whole moment stays burning it is possible that it has connected one of the cables of the reverse; verify it.

Seguidamente, tries to read and format one or two diskettes, without forgetting to do it to the correct capacity of the new disk drive; if debit is 1,44 MB to use diskettes of this capacity, if it had diskettes of 720 Kb they will not serve to him unless it indicates it in the formatting order. To see some examples of common orders of formatting go to the paragraph on the disk drive in Storage. If both operations are correct, already it is quite; CONGRATULATIONS!!


The order DRIVPARM

In case the BIOS of our computer does not support the 1,44 MB disk drives (simply because they did not exist when it appeared, as the case of many is 286) or of that we could not gain access to the same one for not knowing the necessary key combination or for realize by means of an external program of that we do not preserve any copy (as in many 808x and 286), we must not despair.

We can try to use the order DRIVPARM of TWO (although it does not exist in all the versions, only in the most modern), introducing in the file of starter CONFIG.SYS a line of the style of the following one:


that specifies a unit of 3,5 " and 1,44 MB installed like unit "1" (unit "B") in a computer without any support for BIOS for units of 3,5 ".

It is necessary to bear in mind that the unit installed by means of this system will not be able to be used for the starter, since the file CONFIG.SYS that allows us to gain access to her cannot be in her or we might not read it and therefore it would not start (the classic fish that bites the tail). Therefore, the ancient unit will have to be supported as "A" and to install the piece of news like "B", or to pray so that the hard disk does not fail and it is necessary to us to reinstall the operating system from a unit of diskettes to which we might not gain access; for more information, I recommend to read earnestly the help of TWO.


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