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How and where to buy


The buy in itself

Very well, the preliminary ones were finished. He already knows (or he should know) what he is going to buy and where; now there comes the moment to do it. Let's study the process of a chronological way, in plan Ten Orders of the Buyer of Computers:

  1. Chosen the shop, pass one day to throw a preliminary glimpse; to avoid temptations, the portfolio does not take. Be informed about everything what he should want, should rise wily questions about which he already knows the answer, investigates the apparent professionalism of the shop and his authentic services.

  2. The day "D", unloading in the shop with all his arguments contingent and/or really well-informed friend (or his son, if this one is made fond and understood; if not, it will only hinder him), and one take it calmly, that you pay.

  3. Indicate to the egg whites what he wants and why he wants it. Adapt the offers of the shop to his needs, never the other way round. Remember not to remain short, and if it is necessary the computer be done to measurement (more expensive but sure). Look for components homogeneity, 800 MHz nothing neither for only 32 MB of RAM, nor a supercomputer with a minuscule screen and of low quality.

  4. We repeat: buy a good monitor, for 100 motives, starting by his health. This is one of the points where the shops of clonal do economies, so it extends the monitor of the offer in size and/or quality up to where it could.

  5. Be informed about the GUARANTEE: his duration (sometimes different for labor and pieces, and even different according to what pieces, like the monitor), determine (it is possible that they prohibit him to open the computer for personnel foreign to the shop, what is more or less legal, although for some persons uncomfortably) and you determine (where it is necessary to take it to repair, or if it is repaired to domicile).
    If the guarantee does not convince him, ask for the price of a widespread guarantee (in time or conditions) or for the price of the labor and/or displacement, do not be that they are going to receive 20.000 pts from him whenever he wants to add a pair of gentle of RAM.

  6. Ask for the payment method; if he wants financing, very probably (rather always) this supposes taking the payroll or photocopies, the last income tax return (attention autonomous!!), endorse... it is prepared. Also it can delay the delivery of the computer up to having assertion of the bank, bear it in mind. If he pays with card, care with those with low limits of availability, like the teller's classic ones, great limited to 50.000 pts daily.

  7. Look for assertion of the exact date of delivery of the computer, to be able to be written. In almost no shop they will give him the computer immediately, especially if some change has taken place in the configuration offered (and that is very probable, sometimes even advisable).

  8. The INVOICE: that each of the components specifies separately, with mark, model and capacity or speed; that is neither an invoice, not a receipt nor delivery note (with his NIF and of the company, with account number, it dates, to his name...); and with VAT. If it has no VAT, not only it is making something illegal, but it is deserved that they cheat him (and they will do it, there is no honor between thieves); if there is no VAT, there is no possible claim.

  9. Do not create anything of word. Everything has to come in writing, to his name and with all kinds of details; this is fundamental in the topic of the guarantee.

  10. When he should gather the computer demand to see it inside, especially in the shops in which the guarantee prevents him from opening it at home. If it is like that and lives far, request also to prove it, do not be that it should turn for a cable tight evil.
As colophon and summary: first of all, do not be cut. Bear in mind that it is spending a lot of money, so it demands a good service for it. If they treat him badly before having his money: how will they treat him when they already have it?

And do not believe that it passes of demanding. In the United States, a "normal" after-sales service includes telephone attention up to Saturdays and collection of the computer damaged to domicile; "good" one, telephone consultation 24 hours even every Sunday and immediate replacement of the computer. In Spain those of mark do not offer this not, but it is already being an hour...

Slightly more: the software, the programs, which are original and with license. Apart from illegal, a shop that pirates software (nobody gives it) has all the ballot paper to cheat in other topics, or so that they fine it and it closes. Also, he will not be a registered user; he will be able neither to ask for telephone help nor update his program pirate. You will see...


Some (almost real examples

We are going to present some cases that not for fictitious are less true; it is possible that even you turn out to be reflected in them. We will do it with modern didactic methods, as if of a game it was talking each other. Do you find the solution before seeing it?

Example 1

Pepe needs a computer to begin the Computer science career. Since he still does not know anything about computers, it goes to a big commercial surface, where a kind clerk teaches him several models and gives him many recommendations, after which one takes an ordering IBM Pentium III to the last one with EVERYTHING, with monitor of 14 ". What mistakes has Pepe committed?

Solution: first of all, Pepe has been very vague. We do not know that he has bought nor cover only one with computers, he nor has asked anybody, nor has read these pages (heretic!!). This has led him to discarding of good to the first all kinds of clonal, up to those of absolute confidence, which is not advisable without analyzing it better.

Otherwise, Pepe is thinking about having been well advised, but in fact he does not know it, since it has no facts. Also, Pepe has excelled himself a little in his buy (this is not very bad, but it is not convenient to spend very much in the first computer, for when you learn already it is old), but his biggest sin has been to allow to endorse the smallest monitor (only 14 ") not according to the rest of the PC, a serious error for high that is his quality. We go, a buy to fools and to madwomen.

Example 2

Foresee where the error is in this invoice:

It invoices with errors

Solution: does it invoice? What does it invoice? That neither has NIF of the shop, not of the buyer, nor dates, not shame. At most it is a receipt, without much ado value that the one that they want to give him in the shop (and if they do not want, none). Certainly, let's hope that the guarantee conditions should come behind or in another role...

Example 3

And in this one?

Another invoice with errors

Solution: since simple: to the buyer they can place a microprocessor 486 "Tururú Inc." (of course, to 133 MHz); a hard disk of unknown mark ("since in the publicity a logo of Digital Western was going out"... yes, but not in his invoice); and why to continue. Details, friend, details; that spend more stained, that for 231.988 pts can already.

Example 4

Juan (let's not get any more with Pepe) lives in a people of the north saw of Madrid. He wants a computer to get connected to Internet and to play, fundamentally. He buys to himself several computer science magazines, studies them thoroughly, asks a few friends and goes to the capital to buy his computer. Since the money does not remain him, it chooses a shop of clonal with good references and there he buys a good computer for games (card 3D, monitor 17 "...) that takes to his house the same evening. Did it fail in a little Juan?

Solution: in little, but yes in something. The lesson was learned, so it chose a good computer we (suppose). But, for good that is a shop, is great coincidence that they had everything what Juan needed (computer, monitor, Joystick, modem...) in stock in the same moment; it should have called earlier by phone.

Also, he trusted in the references of the shop, therefore it risked having to return for a simple free cable (that happens even in the IBM, HP...); it should have opened it and even prove it in the shop. Certainly, the technical service in such a remote place is the most expensive. Did it bear it in mind? Perhaps it was better to wait and to save for one of mark that if it was failing was replaced in his house (which they do not do all the marks either).


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