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To buy second-hand


It turns out to be curious, but in Spain it does not seem that I curdled very much this type of sale, normal enough in other countries. Nevertheless, it turns out to be quite interesting, although knowing what is bought... and in what conditions. Certainly, against the habitual norm, in the commented prices the VAT is included (if it was).

First of all to distinguish between three types of second-hand buys:

  • In shops specializing in second-hand products.
  • To companies or shops of computer science.
  • To individuals.

A type has not anything in common with other. In the second-hand shops, like those of the chain Cash Converters, there are offered us guaranteed products (for a brief period of time, of one to three months), which is a clear advantage; nevertheless, the formation (and sometimes the good faith) in computer science topics is usually scarce to the clerks (that nobody gets angry, but I live through nearly one shop of this class and know what I say to myself).

Of course, there are guaranteed products, so it does not turn out to be very worrying either, but choose the most ready clerk and/or go with a friend enterao of these topics. Otherwise, the configurations are what there is this day, if he wants it takes it and if it does not leave it, and the prices are usually slightly more expensive that buying to individuals.

Many companies or shops of computer science sell his remains of stock, his computers of collection of samples or computers used during a certain time. They usually give guarantee, although the problem takes root in the prices, generally high, especially in mark computers; also, in Spain again it is not easy to find announcements on these topics, when in other countries they are very common (enclosed IBM sells very well formed stock remains Internet route).

The individuals are the authentic black beast of the second-hand buys. Unfortunately, the human beings we do not characterize ourselves for our decency, and the rip-offs, tricks, falsities and the others ķ+#!!! find to the agenda. Computers and very battered components, with errors from origin, with hard disks with damaged sectors, with almost burned mikes... All that is seen, and more.

Clear it is that there are the most beautiful persons who would never cheat anybody, but they do not take this card to teach it to us. The prices are usually good, but the risk is high; first of all do not rely, and release not even a five-peseta coin up to being sure of having verified everything. That then the claims finish to slaps...

To buy individuals, I recommend to him the bulletin boards or specializing web sites of Internet, as or, especially because this way it will be able to compare and do an idea of the prices to him.


Essential advices

Applicable to almost all the previous cases, especially to the buys to individuals. Do not be afraid to pass of heavy and distrustful, it is his money the one that is going to be worn-out; it already has the first advice.



Before this frightening panorama of falsities, errors and other problems, you will think that I am going to say to him that he should never buy second-hand computers. Since not: I am going to cheer him up to which it does it, although pondering what it does.

A second-hand computer can be the best thing for a beginner in the Computer science. If one spends 200.000 pts in the new one, but it is late 6 months or one year in understanding what the mouse is that thing about, it will have thrown the money, because his computer will not even be already made. On the other hand, spending approximately 50.000 in a Pentium to 166 MHz with 32 MB and with Windows 95 he will be able to learn, and in one year it is bought by 150.000 pts the new one more powerful than that one of 200.000 (I swear it to him).

Also, many people do not need the enormous potency of the slowest computers of the actuality. To do an accounting, to take a small store, to write a few letters and thousand more activities, 486 are enough slowly. Even if he gets accustomed to TWO, 386 are enough of: less than 10.000 pts with monitor!

And what to say about the fanatics of the computers. Be able to have a computer in the saw or in the beach with that to get connected to this page for less than 50.000 pts! Or to prove the authentic multitask of using two computers simultaneously, sharing or not the monitor and the keyboard or mouse by means of a few small boxes that serve of "Y". Although the expenses in psychiatrists can be excessive...

Anyway, that like everything in the life, there has his good part and his bad part, and there is the one who prefers to see one and the one who only sees other one.


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