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3DMark 2000 and 2001 Excellent programs to estimate the real graphic yield in 3D of a computer. 19,4 MB and 40 MB
Motherboard Monitor 5 Probably the best program to know the temperature of the mike, fans speed, etc. (only if the motherboard has these capacities, skylight). With the menus in Spanish and free! 1,3 MB
SiSoft Sandra 2001 Shareware One of the best programs that exist to analyze the configuration and the yield of the PC. 2,5 MB
PowerStrip The most interesting program to find out and to control everything related to the graphic card, including his overclocking (eye, "that" is always dangerous...) 644 KB
Rain 1.0 Excellent to cosmell for software for W95/98. A small, simple program of using and very very effective, also it is freeware. Perfect to refresh mikes with overclocking. 120 KB
DosIdle 2.10 Excellent to cosmell for software for MS TWO. It does not work well with EMM386.exe in memory. 29 KB
6x86 opt 0.77 Set of programs that increase the yield of the Cyrix 6x86 by means of the activation of parameters that are deactivated by defect. Essential if you have one of these mikes. 60 KB
SoftFSB 1.7 Program that allows to change the speed of the bus into badges Pentium II/III from Windows. For H.Oda! ( 78 KB
WCPUCLK 1.3 Program that measures the speed of your processor with big accuracy. For H.Oda! ( 21 KB
WCPUID 3.0f Undoubtedly THE BEST program to know the speed of the microprocessor and that of his bus, what model is, what characteristics he supports... And now even what chipset is used! For H.Oda! ( 246 KB
WCPUL2 1.6 Program that allows you to modify the latency of the cache memory L2 of Pentium II and of the Celeron (300th or top model). For H.Oda! ( 46 KB
Adaptec ThreadMark Excellent test to measure the speed of the hard disk; it consists of 64 partial tests that last in whole more half an hour... 1,23 MB
HD Tach Rapid test that presents of graphic form the behavior of the hard disk, in addition to calculating the maximum transference, minim and a half and the use that does of the CPU. 1 MB
GL Quake S3 Driver GL Quake for cards with chip S3 Virge (VX, DX, GX, GX2, MX). It needs a powerful computer (recommended K6-2) and a MCLK of at least 70 MHz 36 KB
CDMA Utility for cards with chip S3 Virge (VX, DX, GX, GX2, MX), which allows you to improve the yield of the card under Direct X and eliminate the "tearing" in certain games, activating the Command DMA and the ChechUV. 10 KB
Microsoft Registry cleaner To support the record of Windows in perfect order 801 KB

Drivers for chipsets Intel Necessary controlers to use correctly the most recent chipsets of Intel (ZX, BX, 810, 815, 820...). 1,6 MB
Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver It accelerates the hard disk transferences; to install ONLY in chipsets Intel of the series 8xx, AFTER the drivers for chipset. (IT NOTICES: The version in English usually works without problems, and it is much smaller). 1,8 MB
Drivers ROUTE 4-in-1 for chipsets The ESSENTIAL controlers to install for every user of any motherboard with a chipset ROUTE 830 KB
Drivers for chipsets AMD Not less essential controlers to be installed for every user of any motherboard with a chipset AMD; to install the IRQ, the IDE Bus Master's degree and the AGP Miniport 0,5 to 1,5 MB
DirectX 8.0 The control acquaintances of Microsoft, essential to use games 3D in the Windows 9x and ME. 11,37 MB
DirectX 8.0 The control acquaintances of Microsoft, essential to use games 3D in Windows 2000. 7,25 MB
Drivers for graphic cards with chips NVIDIA The well-known and powerful "generic" drivers Detonator. Neither eye, nor NVIDIA nor we we become responsible for his correct functioning... 3 MB
Drivers for graphic cards with chips 3dfx The official "generic" drivers for the chips Voodoo. Again, not 3dfx we do not even become responsible for his correct functioning... 8 MB
Drivers for graphic cards with chips ATI Of all kinds: for PC, for Apple Mac... a pity that they are not more organized. Ah: have we said since neither ATI nor we become responsible for his correct functioning? 5 to 14 MB
Patch for problems of extinguished in Windows 98SE It solves some problems of extinguished of the system in the version of Windows 98 I CAN (Second Edition) - Eye, not install in other versions. 502 KB
win98_mini5.exe It solves problems with the NDIS.VDX, controler of networks and the processors AMD K6-2. 172 KB 7 solves mistakes of the allocation of IRQ's to the grooves PCI in the Super basic badges with chipset ROUTE MVP3 602 KB
amdk6upd.exe Patch to use processors AMD K6-2 to 350 MHz or more in Windows 95 OSR2x (only for these versions of Windows, mikes and speeds). 286 KB - Sitemap - Contact us