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DFI NT70-SA: perfecting to the maximum the Pentium 4

His publicity in CsH


RAID and network?

Let's remember that we are before the NT70-SA, what implies that it has support of RAID IDE and network Ethernet 10/100. We are going to explain what means this, for the not initiated ones in these topics.

Under a sticker with the word "RAID" we find the chip Promise PDC 20265R (FastTrack 100 Lawsuit), which corresponds to a checker of up to 4 units additional IDE/Atapi (to understand us: another 4 hard disks, units of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and similar), with support ATA/100 (that is to say, with a maximum information transference between unit and checker of 100 MBytes/s), with optional functions of RAID 0/1 and, since it is logical, your own BIOS to form everything.

On the RAID, it is a system that uses several hard disks to increase the yield of the system and/or the safety of the stored information. Two systems supported in the NT70-SA (and the NT70-SR) are the RAID 0 ó striping (increase of the speed) and the RAID 1 ó mirroring ("it copies mirror", I increase of the reliability); both need at least 2 hard disks. The RAID 10 ó "0+1" is not supported, but there is logical considering the user to whom the badge is destined: to use RAID 0+1 four hard disks would be needed, neither more nor less. For more details, we recommend to read the comment that we made in his moment on having analyzed an ABIT motherboard with support RAID.

Pantallazo of the BIOS RAID, used as example in the manual on RAID who accompanies the DFI NT70-SA

DFI really has taken care of the topic of the RAID: apart from there used a checker of the mark Promise, company specializing in these devices and perhaps the most trustworthy in this paragraph and status of prices, it has included a specific manual to form it. A really very, very finished and practical manual, in 4 languages... of which Spanish seems to be the WORST translated one, regrettably.

The normal thing is that the manuals of basic badges are not translated for the Spanish; in any case, to French or to German. On the other hand, DFI usually translates them into our language, but for someone who knows little this language... or has very few shame. Anyway: less it is not at all, almost nobody tries it even and, therefore we know, DFI begins realizing this problem and considers to solve it.

As for the network integrated Ethernet, it can only be considered to be excellent. The Intel 82562ET is a minuscule chip but of well-known mark and proven quality that, working together with the ICH2 of the chipset i850, gives support to EVERYTHING necessary:

  • Speeds of 10 ó 100 Mbps (with auto-detection)
  • Connector RJ45 integrated standard, with lights of the state
  • Wake on LAN (and connector in the motherboard, for another card of network PCI)
  • Drivers for 95 % of the operating systems (Linux also, skylight)
  • Edict - negotiation, auto-polarity, auto-disconnected way... OF EVERYTHING.

"And why do I need network support?" God's man: why does not he need it? To share files and devices at the highest speed, to organize games battles in network (with excess of virtual blood, probably), to gain access to Internet by means of devices of wide band (xDSL, cable, satellite)... anyway, you or he needs a network or he will need it soon, undoubtedly.


Manuals, BIOS, extra...

Earlier we were speaking about the specific manual on RAID; well, of course other is included for the motherboard, which is an extensive, clear and really excellent manual, except by the translation to Spanish. Which is a sorrow, but really it is not a demerit, since it is normal either that version exists in our language. And if it has enough imagination to interpret things as "He Watches the speed of the fan of the abanido of the CPU, fan of chassis and fan of secondary; and defeat alarm" (sic), even it is possible that the translation him is useful.

The habitual CD - ROM of drivers and utilities performs simple access and with the powerful antivirus PC-Cillin 2000 as extra attraction. Without being perfect, yes it is a quite finished CD, in which fortunately the network controler is enclosed for Linux; a thing less to be unloaded, if our distribution is not very modern. Sticker - summary of the components, connectors, etc., of the DFI NT70-SA - Copyright of the image DFI Inc.

Ah, before we forget: the BIOS is not too outstanding. It is the habitual one of Award for badges Pentium 4, with many safety options (extinguished on having reached certain temperature, etc.) and of monitoring (voltages, speeds, temperatures...) but without useful options for the overclocking. It is not that the memory RDRAM and the Pentium 4 give a lot of game to this regard (those 0,13 microns have more margin, but they continue with the blocked multiplier), but there is no doubt that this is a badge of orientation OEM. Anyway, it is not serious at all... for the average user either.

And we go with the extra ones and details:

  • a box "of design", very coloring, with a violinist touching...: a WT70?? (good, they are not going to change the photo every day)
  • enough cables: 3 IDE ATA/100 and 1 of disk drive
  • a diskette with drivers RAID even more updated (OK, costs)
  • the sheet for the box (with engravings identifying every external connector)
  • sticker size sheet of paper with a graphic summary of the components, jumpers and connectors of the badge, to stick inside the casing
  • and, of course, the manuals, the CD... and the motherboard

Photo of the sheet for the box with the design of the external connectors of the DFI NT70-SA


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