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Windows XP (Whistler): the first contact


As conclusion...

When we say "to update our team, looking for a major yield", it seems that only we think about the mike, the badge, the graphic card... and neglect another essential element that will improve the yield and the stability: the operating system. (For not speaking about the demonstrated experience of which new drivers can rejuvenate our team). in this sense, to worry about choosing an operating system is completely well-taken.

In my opinion, who has correctly installed Windows 2000 and is in accordance with him, it will have the sensation that little will bring him this new version, saving skylight the new appearance of the operating system is (menu of beginning, icons, effects...) or more recent versions of well-known programs like the Internet Explorer 6 or the Windows was Measuring Player 8. Something that, on the other hand, in the managers' ambience is not for anything important. In this segment, Microsoft will have to sell Windows XP as an update (almost a servicepack) of Windows 2000. And if they do not answer, of insurance it will stop offering support for Windows 2000 and this way it will force "friendly" the update.

On the other hand, the domestic user will find a different panorama. It will have the same simplicity of handling as previous versions, but with major control on the system for those advanced users, a few nice icons, wide variety of effects and topics of office, and the most important thing: all this with the biggest stability, speed and safety of the architecture NT.

For these users it will be essential that the Whistler is capable of executing all kinds of games (not only the buscaminas and the pinball) and at an ideal speed, something that the Windows 2000 has not been completely capable of managing (although it was not designed specially for it either). Microsoft is in it

The high requisites are another topic. The new versions of Windows advance to blow of megabyte and this new version does not remain behind. The clearest example there are 1265 MB of disc (1,26 GB) that occupies the typical installation (without administrative hardware not of network), opposite to approximately 200 MB of Windows 98 or 550 MB of Windows Me. If to this we add him that if we have System Restore active in a few weeks our Windows XP easily will have grown even the 2 hard disk GB. It is necessary to add to this our programs, documents... And skylight, we recommend at least a Pentium II to 300 MHz, with 128 MB of RAM or more, for much that Microsoft affirms that it might work (or to start?) in a Pentium to 166 MHz and 32 MB of RAM. It is a Windows, and with nucleus NT: the memory quantity is something FUNDAMENTAL.

An aspect to stand out is the time of load of the operating system, lightly superior to that of Windows Me and clearly lower than that of Windows 2000. The whole detail, which seems they keep on trying to improve moreover.

Already finally, it is necessary to think that if we say to update us to the new version we will have to insure ourselves of having the last controlers (drivers) optimized, if we want to extract full yield to our peripheral ones or simply recognize them. Let's hope that the companies of software should be more rapid in developing them that the time that they took with Windows 2000.

With all this we would say that a good horizon is outlined, any time this new version manages to forget of our mind the fatidical blue screens, making separate so many "colorín" that appears on our screen. And certainly, if Microsoft has wanted to come at the level of MacOS X in the graphic paragraph, it has remained at a height of the bitumen.

An encouraging product, finally, because the architecture NT approaches the domestic user. This does not make but to confirm that Microsoft has decided to throw the towel of achieving that the nucleus 9x is really stable. It is possible that Microsoft does not defraud with this experience...


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