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Microsoft Windows XP: dimes and diretes


After a long waiting, Windows XP is already in the shops of the whole world. Since it could not be less, the sector has reacted at his arrival with the habitual information bombing on this matter, and of course we could not less that to include our particular point of view, continuing the (extensive) previous article evaluating one of his versions pre-beta 2. Undoubtedly this article is not immensely exhaustive (enough of this style there is already), but we believe that it will turn out to be useful and a clarifier.

Obviously, enough there are the questions that we appear on this new operating system of Microsoft; a few questions that go beyond the pure technical analysis of the product. Them nearly 200 million dollars (37.000 million pesetas, 222 million euros) that Microsoft has used in his development speak already about the importance of Windows XP for Microsoft.

This time, mister Bill Gates did not have to extract his best poker face in the presentation of Windows XP, the above-mentioned operating system was not hung after installing diverse peripheral. That tells that "our" friend Gates will only open his enormous and contagious optimism face, and there does not become necessary any of the verbal "twirls" to which so accustomed it has us.

The importance of Windows XP is based on three fundamental axes: first of all, Microsoft hopes to gain credibility with this new operating system. One does not hope that there recurs by no means the phenomenon that happened with Windows Millenium, when a users' enormous quantity, defrauded by the above mentioned "new" operating system, they decided to return to the second edition of Windows 98.

Secondly, with everything the XP one hopes that awful sales should re-arise of peripheral and PCs, which have fallen down alarmantemente in the last year. The only company that it can brag about a major number of sales is the American company Dell of on-line sale, the exception that confirms the rule.

And finally we find the real beneficiary, the user: he will be able to enjoy Windows XP a major stability (Microsoft says that it is from 10 to 30 times stabler than Windows 98...: a merit of XP or a demerit of 98?), without losing (scarcely) compatibility with games and applications and with an ideal yield.


The XP versions

Logotype of Microsoft Windows XP

For the time being, Windows XP appears in three well differentiated versions: Home, Professional and Professional of 64 bits. The first one is destined for the domestic user and substitutes the Windows 9x. The second one is the natural successor of Windows 2000 Professional; and, finally, we find the version XP Pro of 64 bits, destined to the microprocessors Intel Itanium and for the time being almost with void relevancy for the domestic or professional user.

The fundamental difference between the versions Home and Professional is in the fact that the last one allows to connect more than 5 computers in network, in addition to giving support to multiple processors (dual basic badges) and the times of web servant do.

The version Home is more than sufficient for any average, safe user in case of arranging of a team multiprocessor and/or of having a network of more than 5 computers... in whose case probably is not a "average user".

Separate mention next versions as Windows deserve.NET Server, Windows.NET Server 64 bits, Windows.NET Advanced Server, Windows.NET Advanced Server 64 bits, Windows.NET Byline Center Server, Windows.NET Byline Center Server 64 bits, Windows XP Embedded (for PDA's) or Windows.NET Webserver.


The technology NT of Windows XP

The first clear question would be: With Windows XP are the awesome blue pantallazos finished? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Magic? Or will they be now pantallazos yellow? No, by no means. The motive is that Windows XP is a system based on nucleus NT and therefore in separated processes. This means that when an application gives problems it is possible to "kill" without affecting either to the rest of applications or to the proper operating system. Logotype of Microsoft Windows NT Server

To do a small visual idea to us, it is as if every application was a problematic child. In the previous versions with nucleus 9x, all the children were in the same room and as soon as one of them was giving problems it was revolutionizing to the rest; now every child is in separated rooms, with what if one of them gives problems it will not affect to the calmness and peace of his partners.

And, between many others advantages that it provides to us the fact that XP descends from the family NT, we find the regarding ones the excellent safety, especially in case of the versions Professional. Of course, we have the possibility of installing the system of files NTFS, more efficient and infinitely surer than the FAT32, especially combined with the system of encriptado of files (EFS) incorporated into the XP Professional. And also, into all the versions we have a firewall integrated to protect something more something more on having sailed along Internet.

Once again, it is demonstrated that in what Microsoft is right not always alone they have designed from his beginnings: let's remember that the nucleus NT was born in narrow collaboration with IBM; things that they spend. The true thing is that already nearly 20 MB of updates and small patches for Windows XP, a pair of days after his throwing, make us reflect on the efficacy of his programmers...

Well, next we will see what is the price that the domestic user must pay for enjoying a major stability in his operating system.


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