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Microsoft Windows XP: dimes and diretes

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Windows XP is prepared for the reproduction of practically any multimedia format, and the recording in almost any format (more on this in a moment). Windows was Measuring Player 8 it is already capable of reproducing DVDs and of recording audio CDs. Also, the proper operating system is already capable of recording CD-ROMs and CD-RWs of information with the simple method of selecting the folders in question and from the menu "to send them" to the tape recorder.
Average Pantallazo of the Windows Player 8 included in Microsoft XP

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The only and finished solution as answer "to the new needs of the users", in words of proper Bill Gates... but that will have aftereffects in short and half term in the disappearance of multimedia applications of third manufacturers. And this, obviously, goes again against the user.

On the other hand, the files MP3 can be reproduced, but not be created from music CDs ("ripear") without installing earlier a plug-in (a CODEC), or a finished program, of another company. This political polemic theoretically is directed to reduce costs (? since the final product is not cheap...), but there is not doubt that in fact it tries of promoting the format Windows was Measuring Audio (WMA) of Microsoft to the detriment of the MP3. It is perfectly legal, although...: is it moral?

But skylight, do not worry, "he will be able to install any of his favorite applications". It is something that Microsoft repeats up to the satiety and he wants to make well clear. And it is true what he says (good, not completely, enough applications will need specific reviews for this version of Windows), but let's not forget what happened with the Netscape navigator. Does it understand me now?

Windows XP is synonymous of "slow death" for many applications that nowadays we know.


As conclusion...

Very well, as we were saying that it was not our intention to be exaggeratedly exhaustive. If there has interest in others few hundreds of changes (especially in the graphic and organizational aspect...: it will be very intuitive, but nothing of the Control panel is where it was earlier!), consult any computer science magazine. It has where to choose...

Some of the applications included in Windows XP Professional

Windows XP is a good operating system. Rapid, stable, simple, efficient and nice. That is undoubted. And he supports of series MANY more devices than his predecessor, Windows 2000. Finally, an update recommended to many users, any time it does not force him the operating system to invest in a new team.

... On this, it does not even happen to him to install it in a team that works at least of 400 MHz not, especially, with less than 128 MB of memory RAM; in fact, more it costs him to have 256 MB. Oh, surely he will be able to execute the enclosed system in a team to 233 MHz with 64 MB... likewise it can do a 5.000 kilometers trip on foot, in monocycle or in a noble donkey. You will see.

Any way the price that we must pay (and I do not refer only to 20.000 ptas. that costs the "economic" version Home Edition) perhaps is too high. Let's not forget that we "lose" (only partly?) I praise that one and significant right that is the anonymity and that without realizing we contribute to the disappearance of excellent applications of third manufacturers (already free someone or at least shareware).

(True that Microsoft repeats that every operation takes in the most strict anonymity but in a global community as it is Internet the safety concept wears me across his chest more and more scarce and relative).

"But that he blames do we have if we are the best?", almost it seems to me to listen to the mouth of mister Gates... The power of Microsoft is clear, but perhaps what more it worries me it is not in itself the proper power of Microsoft but the innocuous, calm way and seemingly openly with that it uses it.

The words of this servant who writes only try to be a humble warning to any user. You, fortunately, will keep on enjoying his right to buy or not it. You will be, finally, who decides ultimately.

And the fact is that, sincerely, occasionally I feel like thinking that I would like enjoying the "experience" of knowing less and less on certain topics...


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